Friday 03 December, 2021


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Quote of the day December 3rd, 2021

You can only know the highest peaks if you have experianced the lowest valley's
-- Richard Nixon


At the moment I am working on four maps.

This map is actually a remake of one of my first maps, even though there isn't much likeness. A traditional TDM-map. Good guys on one end and the bad guys on the other. A compacted minisociety with a coffeeshop and small industry surroundings.


Industrial map. Pretty small map, which leaves a lot of room for close-up firefights. This is one of my favourite maps.I like the layout very much.

Very simple Mexicostylemap.. Can't help it but, I have to admit that ForWhomTheBellTolls and a few CS-maps inspired me. A tight map with lots of chances for close-up fights. Pretty fast play, just the way I like it!!

This map is still very "beta". The plot is this: A big house in the center which is held by terrorists. The police aren't sure if there are hostages held inside the building. The task is to break in and bring 'em out.. dead or alive. ;)

Very early stage. Somewhere in Iraqe terrorists are using a building as their headquarters. The terrorists must defend what is "theirs" before the striketeam send them to hell.

RiOT-RedBorder(On ice for now)
Somewhere in Russia. Still very alpha. I will get back to this as soon as the plot thickens and the cubes turns into houses.










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