Friday 03 December, 2021


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Quote of the day December 3rd, 2021

You can only know the highest peaks if you have experianced the lowest valley's
-- Richard Nixon

D@g@Z Blog

Been a while, November 02, 2005

Hello World! It sure has been a while since my last blog. It isn't because of lack of things to blog about, but merely lack of time to blog. :-) Been busy doing all sorts of stuff really, playing boule and doing html/php for all sorts of sites, both commercial and to help friends out. Still in love with Ubuntu. Upgraded all of my computers to Breezy from Hoary and it all turned out great, as suspected. I will need to get a windozebox running so that I can get into mapping again. Some of the maps for SF2004 are great lookers but to be honest they suck playing. So.. until next time. Have a good one...

End of holiday, July 17, 2005

Last day of my four weeks holiday. Back to work tomorrow.

Moved to a new webhotel, May 02, 2005

I have moved my entire site to a new webhotel. Thanks for making the move so smoothly. Everything works except the guestbook which will have a little makeover before it is up and running again. I have also changed the pages from asp to php, since asp is the tool of the enemy. ;-) Since I am a Linuxgeek php is much more my cup of tea and the old site was made years ago when I didn't know better. :-D Cheers!

Ubuntu Hoary, April 11, 2005

Yippee-ky-ay.. to quote a certain actor in a movie. ;-) I installed Ubuntu Hoary and killed my last windozebox today. God damn I always reckoned this computer slow until now. I don't see any real reason to upgrade this machine now. Everything works like a charm and I am so pleased. People who says Linux is hard to get up and running smoothly should really give this a try. It roxxors your boxxors...

Gentoo sux ;-), April 04, 2005

Well.. I tried to get Gentoo up and running on my Sun Ultra.. blah! So the debianised freak I am.. I installed Debian instead and got it up and running in no time.. works like a charm with fluxbox and all the other necessitys. Over and out!!

Gentoo, March 23, 2005

I have finally decided to kill my Sun Ultra 5.. or.. not actually kill it.. but revive it.. with Gentoo Sparc 64. I have tried a couple of *nixes and Solaris 10 sux the hardest. This crap is really slow. Well.. I will get back to this later on.. if and when I succeed with this project. ;-)

Flu flu flu, March 21, 2005

I have caught a little bug... or something.. heating up like an oven. Went to work anyway. :-D So I thought I'd relaxe a little from the work and blog some. Started a new map the other day and the ideas are flowing.

New day..., March 06, 2005

I start feeling a little better. I haven't touched the computer for a few days. The only thing I have done is upgrading my fileserver with Slackware to 10.1, which seems to be running nicely. I am about to upgrade my workstation running Ubunty Warty to Hoary as well, but that can wait a little while longer.

Sickness, March 03, 2005

Today is one of those days. I slept poorly this night and woke up pretty early. Too much on my mind I guess.

Hard winther, March 02, 2005

At the end of last year and until now, the world has been aware of the powers of nature. Even now we don't get how powerful mother earth is. The society we are building for ourselves built on technology and less and less heart, will somehow collapse in the future. We trust machines to make our daily shores easier and when there is no electricity and no phones we become totally terrified, being leftout to only the powers of our own selfs. Man this is deep.










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