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Quote of the day December 3rd, 2021

You can only know the highest peaks if you have experianced the lowest valley's
-- Richard Nixon

Why this site??

My real name is Roland Frans, but my nick playing UT and StrikeForce has always been D@g@Z or just plainly DagaZ.
I have mapped for quite a while now. Been doing maps for the old Unreal Tournament mod, StrikeForce.
I have also taken part of the UT2003 mod, RiOT - Ring of Terror, but since that mod died I do maps for any mod really. Been playing a lot with SF2004 lately, so I have started doing some stuff, even if work progresses slow for me nowadays. I play UrbanTerror on Homers-home nowadays.. charming as ever.

I will use this site as my showroom. Every new map that I make will have screenshots here.. at least I hope so. ;-) The screenshots can be found in the map section.


Update, September 15, 2006, by D@g@Z

Been a loooong time since I last updated. A lot of it has got to do with time. I seldom play anything anymore,apart from playing some cards with the family.

Got a request from Sabbath a while back on some help regarding conversion of a map. Have started, but, far from finished. Hopefully I will finish this in the near future.

A little update, January 13, 2006, by D@g@Z

I am not one of those that update very often. But soon, very soon I will post some screenshots of a few maps I am currently working on. Stay tuned for the goodies. :-)

Started mapping again, January 03, 2006, by D@g@Z

I have finally started mapping again after a long time. I haven't touched UeD since I don't know when.
I decided to dust off a few maps I started when I was part of the mod RiOT.
A small old-schoolmap called Deserted and an industrial factory-map called CloseCombat. I am also thinking about using the map SmallTown which can be seen on screenshots on this site.
Most of the maps seen in mods today is full of eyecandy but lacks a lot of playability from point of view.
I have decided to make the above maps to work with StrikeForce 2004 which is the mod closest to my heart.

Replacement harddrive, May 04, 2005, by D@g@Z

A while back my main harddrive with all the good stuff on, just died. The good news is that I am getting a 300 GB replacement sent to me from Maxtor. Since this is the newssection I ought to show good news like this. ;-) This means I should be able to start mapping again very soon. Bad news is I was a little lazy when I made my backups so some of the updates on a few maps are missing, but I am glad they aren't all gone. Cheers!

Webhotel - move, May 03, 2005, by D@g@Z

Moved to a new webhotel. This isn't news really, I am just glad that it works. ;-) Wrote a few lines about this in my blog the other day. Thanks again for making a smooth transition.

New map, March 21, 2005, by D@g@Z

Started making a new map for SAS.. a small TDM-map called Damnation. Only the outlines are ready so far.. and a few houses. I will try to post a few screenshots as soon as possible.

New site, March 06, 2005, by D@g@Z

I am refreshing my site a little. Thought it needed som touching up. Been doing some small touchups on the map Deserted for SAS. I might throw in a few screens later on.










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